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Linx Amplify Pump Masturbator Clr/blk

Linx Amplify Pump Masturbator Clr/blk

Our Linx Amplify Pump Masturbator is a powerful stroker that enhances sensation and stimulation for him. This toy takes your solo and shared play to the next level, and you can use it on your own or with an adventurous partner. It features an inner stroker sleeve with multiple textures for maximum sensation and the quick air release push button allows you to finish up your session in an instant. This is a fantastic stroker for men who want to power up their play. It has a smooth flexible tube and a pneumatic pump action finger pull that allows you to take control of your pleasure. This pump masturbator has a twist off top that allows you to clean your pump easily for quick maintenance.
- UPC : 5060365098178
    $122.74 Regular Price
    $79.19Sale Price
    Excluding Sales Tax
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