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Lux F 4 Cuff Expand Spreader Bar Set

Lux F 4 Cuff Expand Spreader Bar Set

Take full domination over an eager partner with the Spreader Bar with Wrist andamp; Ankle Cuffs that will bind their arms and legs to keep them firmly in a bent over position. The padded cuffs comfortably secure around the wrists and cuffs and buckle in place. The cuffs are attached to quick-release D-rings that easily detach when necessary. The spreader bar can be expanded to get into a more widely spread position to allow for better access and to accommodate all bodies. Enjoy this bondage accessory that`s perfect for all couples in all kinds of positions. This kinky accessory is easy to store with its sleek shape.
- UPC : 4890808263389
    $167.94 Regular Price
    $108.35Sale Price
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