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Ms Kink Inferno Drip Candles

Ms Kink Inferno Drip Candles

Bring some seductive sensory play into your evening with wax play! Use these fun and suggestive butt plug shaped candles and enjoy watching them melt down and drip for you! With a low melting point, you can easily get them dripping and use them to stimulate and decorate your partner`s body with colorful wax! As a bonus, the paraffin wax is also moisturizing so it helps soothe and smooth your partner`s skin as it is getting stimulated and heated up! Use a scraping device (such as a plastic card) to scrape the wax off their body when done, or spank it off their spankable areas to have fun during removal! Make sure to keep the candle away from any flammable materials. There are many ways to enjoy wax play. Take a class to find out how to have fun and stay safe! If you`re new to wax play, set up a splash zone and lay down a towel or tarp to protect against wax spills. Test it on your arm or thigh first before trying it on your partner. Start high up and then get closer as you test out temperature and technique. Start by holding the candle 3 feet away from the body to drip wax. Blow out flame before pouring to reduce splashing. Layer the wax over the same spot to increase the intensity. Rub your hand over the wax drops in order to disperse heat. Measurements: Overall length: 4.3 inches. Overall width: 1.75 inches. Materials: Paraffin wax Melting temperature: 136-140° F (58-60° C) Color: Red, Black, Purple Note: Warning: Keep away from flammable materials while playing. Key Features:Fun Butt Plug Shape: Have fun with this suggestive butt plug shape and watch it melt down!Moisturizing Paraffin Wax: Choose wax that moisturizes the skin as it heats it up!Low Melting Point: Easily get the drips and wax flow you`re looking for with a low melting point.Unscented: Play it safe and avoid irritating sensitive noses and allergies with unscented candles.
- UPC : 848518051240
- Length: 4.3 in
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