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YOSMO Beautyfy Me 100% Silk Bonnet - Small

YOSMO Beautyfy Me 100% Silk Bonnet - Small

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In modern times our hair has to endure a lot; sun, straighten, curl and dye. At night we toss and turn, resulting in a bad hairday in the morning, and let's be honest who likes a bad hairday?

If you don't like sleeping on a silk pillowcase, a silk bonnet is the perfect solution to keep your beautiful locks intact in the morning.

Silk bonnets help extend the life of hairstyles, prevent frizz and keep your hair from losing moisture. YOSMO silk bonnets offer all those benefits, however, made from the softest silk fabric that makes styling your hair the next morning a seamless process. 

You can never have too many bonnets, so we offer a variety of colors and designs to keep your hair happy, healthy and hydrated.

* Note: This bonnet is more suitable for short to medium length hair!

•        Suitable for all hair types
•        Elastic band of 58 cm in diameter
•        19 momme mulberry silk
•        Thread count 400
•        Made from 100% mulberry silk inside and out
•        Washing instructions: Hand wash, do not tumble dry, iron silk inside out, do not bleach
•        Packaging is made from recycled material and functions as a reusable bag

Benefits of Silk:
•        Silk is anti-allergic, anti-dust mite, making it a natural hypoallergenic
•        Silk is good for your skin and prevents spots and stretch marks
•        Helps maintain the skin's natural moisture balance
•        Silk protects your hair
•        Sustainable beauty product
•        Keeps you cool while sleeping
•        You can use silk all year round: warm in the winter and cool in the summer
•        Mulberry silk is known as the best silk available in the world, so it is worth the investment

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